Services & Rates

Combination Massage

  This session includes relaxation massage along with specific attention to relieve one or two areas where you may be injured or experiencing tension, decreased range of motion, or pain. An individually tailored blend of relaxing massage with neuromuscular & myofascial / deep tissue/ trigger point therapy. Medi-cupping also helps to rehydrate tissues and break up adhesions and scar tissue.

60 min/95       90 min/140    

Medical Massage

 ALL about  PAIN RELIEF. Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular, Myofascial, Craniosacral,  Trigger Point, Medi-Cupping, & Myofascial Release are some of the techniques Pam uses to unwind and end stubborn pain patterns, helping you to feel better fast! 

 60min/105  90 min/155  

Relaxation Massage

image  Benefits of this type of soothing massage include decreased stress, enhanced mental clarity, improved circulation, and greater flexibility.  A tranquil blend of swedish massage, craniosacral and acupressure to help to balance the body & mind.


PreNatal Massage

Combining experience & lots of comfy pillows, individually tailored to moms prenatal stage. Relaxation and added attention to any areas of stress or pain.