"We have known Pam for 15 years, and when we have been unable to come to the cape, we have tried other masseuses, not one comes close to Pam's massage or knowledge! We recently had the chance to take a day trip to Pams new space in Barnstable Harbor,wow a beutiful and tranquil space! Perfect for the best massage ever! Pam is now licensed in cupping, an added feature again to tge best massage ever! " ( Lori D-9/11/16)


"Pam is my go to for when I fall off the wall of life.She has put me back together so many times. She's always busy but somehow I can always get in. Multiple modalities. I always go for "Off the Deep End" Therapy. No body does it better. Her instincts to go where I need it is matched with her ability to work multiple modalities. Thank you Pam..." (Sue I 9/30/16)

"Pam is an amazing masseuse. Very knowledgeable  and gifted. I started seeing her in August of 2013. I had a lot of abdominal discomfort due to chemo and surgery. Pam helped tremendously.   About a year ago, I tore my rotator cuff and went the route of physical therapy. No surgery. My spasms stopped but I continued to have pain and stiffness when stretching. Last week, Pam did medicupping on my shoulder. When I left, I realized I had not discomfort in my shoulder. And this week, my shoulder still feels great.  Pam is my gifted angel and I felt compelled to share her gifts to health with whoever is reading this. (Ani O 6/19/16)

"Pam is gifted. She has helped ease my chronic pain.  I don't know what I would do without her. Her new office is wonderful with an amazing views of the harbor"  ( Trish M 8/8/16)

"I needed deeply tissue massage to relieve stress and tension, especially in my neck and shoulders,and the service Pam provides was excellent.  She is incredibly knowledgeable, was attentive to what I needed, thoughtful in her approach and respectful in every way.  I highly recommend Pam if you need bodywork to feel better or as preventative measure to avoid future problems.  And her new office is in a great place with a peaceful feel."  (Carol from VT)


 **These testimonials have been copied to this website from a variety of online sites including citysearch, google, yelp, wellness, & yahoo**