Active Release

   Active Release Techniques (ART) are the only patented method for releasing soft tissue adhesions.  ART is credited by Tom Brady in his book "T12" for his longevity on the field and his ability to quickly bounce back from injuries. 

  Soft tissue injuries are formed over time by dehydrated adhesions and/or scar tissue sticking to adjacent structures in your body, restricting range of motion, which may also cause compression over nerves or vessels.  These injuries do not always show up on radiographic studies (such as x-rays or CT scans) but they are often accompanied by chronic pain and decreased range of motion.

  I combine my 25 years of neuromuscular therapy experience, intuition, and ART training in over 400 treatment protocols to address cumulative injuries in muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia & joints- to effectively break up the adhesions that cause muscular pain & dysfunction.

  Each  ART session is a combination of evaluation and therapy. Your initial appointment will include a thorough review of your medical history, postural assessments, muscle testing, & 30 min of ART/myofascial release/medi-cupping & stretches.  It is very common to be a bit sore especially the day following your initial session. ** It is recommended to AVOID strenuous excercise, lengthy travel, etc for 24 hours after your first session to allow your body to rest, & for you to have time to stretch, heal, and hopefully realign!**  After your initial session, 2 ART sessions a week (30 min each) are reccommended until the injured areas are improved or pain free. It is important that you stretch the injured areas several times daily during your ART therapy. Strength training is recommended ONLY once the injured area has significantly improved or healed.

 ** Please dress in comfortable gym clothes for your appointment (gym shorts, yoga pants, tank top, or sports bra, etc). *cancellation policy* 24 hours notice appreciated or missed appointment fee is due on next appointment.