About Me

  In 1993 I completed a year long 1150 hour Neuromuscular Therapy training at The Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy. My training was specifically in Trigger Points, Myofascial Pain & Dysfunction. 

   I am Nationally Cerfified in Massage & Bodywork and have been a member of The American Massage Therapy Association since 1993.

   I began my business on Cape Cod 1997 providing in-home massages. I feel grateful to be in a profession that helps people feel better, and I continue taking classes to provide better service to all of my clients. Most recently I have become certified in Traditional Fire Cupping & Medi-Cupping.

  Each massage is a unique infusion of some of the oldest & newest Eastern & Western techniques. I offer a customized blend of Neuromuscular/Trigger Point, Deep Tissue, Craniosacral, Myofascial Release, Cupping & Acupressure, specific to what areas you feel need the most attention. The body is always changing, and two massages are never the same.  

  The pressure used is always within each clients comfort level. Often, itimage is the too tight or injured muscles that need fresh blood and oxegyn to begin to heal, and massage therapy is essential in this process. The muscles that need the most attention can be more tender than other areas of the body. With some deep breathing (and maybe even a few laughs) we will work together in releasing these areas of tension so that you & your muscles & joints are able to feel better fast!

   If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by phone or email.  I look forward to working with you & helping you with your wellness goals.

Best wishes! 

Pamela Bouvier  MA LIC# MT 4189